Yamaha FZ16 – The super cool 160cc street fighter bike from Yamaha!

Dubbed the lord of the streets, the Yamaha FZ16 reflects a spicy and gorgeous appearance in its three colors of flame red, orange and midnight black. Designed on the earlier version of the FZ series, the bike’s appeal is further enhanced by its multi-reflector headlights and resin molded fuel tank. However, it’s the number plate on the front that distorts the look of the Yamaha FZ16, and it’s a bit awkward. You also have to look for the fuel tap, as it is positioned a little further down.

This streetfighter is powered by a 153cc, air-cooled, two-valve (single overhead camshaft) SOHC engine that achieves a maximum torque of 14 Nm at 6000 rpm and produces a power of 14 hp at 7500 rpm. This particular Yamaha FZ16 bike is different and definitely caters to different segments of bike enthusiasts in a price range of Rs.70,000-Rs.75,000.

The weight distribution of the bike is good and with monocross suspension it increases stability, allows more agility and guarantees comfort. The tires on the Yamaha FZ16 are huge and again it’s fitted with a 267mm disc brake up front with twin calipers and drum brakes on the rear end. However, Yamaha could have added a disc brake to the rear end as well, as it would have further improved the bike’s characteristics.

The Yamaha FZ 16 is expected to perform well on Indian roads with the lowest exhaust emissions. While mileage is low at around 35kmpl, quite a bit of mileage had to be sacrificed to make a pickup possible; Style and performance are all that matters when anyone wants to cruise the Lord of The Streets and the Yamaha FZ16 is way ahead of its competitors in that regard. A respite for them too is the Yamaha brand name, and with the FZ16, Yamaha came back to the market with a bang.

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