The Bajaj Pulsar 220cc DTS Fi Review Vs the New Hero Honda Karizma R 225 Review

In our test of the Bajaj Pulsar 220cc it came into close competition with the Hero Honda Karizma R 225cc but I can say that it tried to win but failed. The main point is that the Pulsar 220 DTS Fi didn’t have a great brand ambassador like its competition, maybe Bajaj should have spent a little more money developing the brand image compared to the time and money invested in the technology design.

Pulsar 150 is a big hit, I agree, but that doesn’t mean that its flagship model, the high-end bike, should have the same name and only differ by 3 numbers. Imagine what if Karizma was called CBZ 223, doesn’t sound so good does it?

Pulsar 220cc is a great bike in itself, with manly wide rear tires, sporty looks, large displacement engine, digital console in the dashboard. The most striking feature of the bike is the rear-view mirror, which is designed like foreign sports bikes.

People have reported that the mileage is around 30 kmpl. But people investing that much in a bike like this wouldn’t care much about the mileage, they will fill the tank when it’s empty and I don’t think they will do any calculations!

Bajaj Pulsar 220cc DTS Fi is a great buy if and only if you don’t like Karizma for some reason. Karizma was the first to set trends in India in terms of digital consoles, alloy wheels and sport front, it is still the best bike in India. Comparing the two bikes, Karizma wins in terms of quality, looks, performance and pride of ownership.

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