Stylish Beachwear for Women

Headed to the beach and need a little style inspiration? Here are 21 ideas for creating beautiful beachwear outfits that are chic, sexy, and easy to pull together.

1. Pick a Theme

The fun thing about swimwear is that there is a lot of variety, so it’s easy to create a poolside persona. Pick a theme like nautical, Old Hollywood, or in the case above, Tropical Getaway, and build on that. It’s the easiest way to look chic at the beach.


2.  Wear Orange

Stylish Beachwear - orange ruched swimsuit and coverup

If your skin and hair are on the warm peaches and cream/golden side, then orange is going to be a perfect beachwear color for you. Not only will it play up your skin tone and make you look tanned, but orange is a playful, friendly color that communicates I want to have fun!


3. A Sarong is Sexy


hot-pink-tankini and sarong

There are lots of cute breezy looking tunics that you can pull over your head to cover up, but there’s nothing as sexy as the classic sarong. Knot it at an angle on your hip to show off your curvy hips or create the illusion of them.

4.  Get Glam with Big Sunglasses

Beachwear for women | Teal crisscross swimsuit, floral coverup, hat, straw bag | styled by Fabulous After 40

If you want something to up your glam game, a pair of oversized sunglasses, create instant star quality. These chic glasses are the perfect beach accessory because not only do the large lenses give great coverage from the sun, but they give you an air of mystery, and that’s chic.


5.  Wear Sheer for Shading

beach swimwear for women | black ruched one-piece swimsuit, sheer floral sarong, rope bag, sandals | styled by Fabulous After 40

One of the sexiest ways to shade your legs from the sun is with a semi-sheer coverup. This gorgeous black sun skirt is a gorgeous style statement and will keep them guessing.

6.  Do a Deep Dive

beachwear for women | navy and white print, plunging neckline,one piece swimsuit with blue gauze coverup with lace trim| styled by Fabulous After 40.

One of the chicest styles of swimsuits on the beach is the classic maillot. This deep plunging style has a sophisticated air that is perfect for gals with wide hips who want more attention up top.

7.  Enjoy Paradise in a Palm Leave Print

Beachwear for women | blue palm leaf swimsuit with back coverup, black hant and flat sandals | styled by Fabulous After 40

Palm leaf and tropical floral prints are the no-brainer answer to cute looking swimwear. Look for prints in unusual color combinations to look modern and trendy, like this turquoise, purple, lime green, and black mix.


8.  Try Crochet for a Boho Beach Vibe

Stylish Beachwear - blue one-piece swimsuit- crochet coverup

With so many concerns about the environment, handmade inspired clothing is very popular at the moment, and that includes crochet. So if you are want to tweak your look to a more boho babe vibe, then just slip on a pretty white tunic shirt with a crafty crochet detailing.

9.  Ruffles Enhance a Small Bust

Stylish Beachwear - red ruffle swimsuit, white coverup| styled by Fabulous After 40

If you always feel flatter than a pancake when you wear a swimsuit and want a little oomph, then a ruffled swimsuit will help make you look bustier. This darling cranberry swimsuit with the ruffled rim v-neck, adds bulk and right around your bust and makes it appear larger.


10. Tiers Hide a Tummy Pooch


Swimsuit - Black Ruffle Floral Tankini, white lace beach pants

Got a little tummy that sticks out a bit? Try camouflaging this trouble spot with a few strategic frilly tiers. A plunging v-neckline also helps to put the emphasis up top.


11. A Square Neckline Makes Your Neck Look Longer

Stylish Beachwear - Black floral ruched swimsuit

Do you have a short neck or narrow shoulders? A square neckline fixes that problem. The only time you should stay away is when you have a square face. A square neckline will emphasize it.


12. A Wrap Style Flatters Everyone

beachwear for women - red wrap swimsuit, black coverup

Just as a wrap top or dress drapes and shapes the body, so does a wrap swimsuit. You can’t go wrong with this classic style that works wonders to create an hourglass figure, even at the beach.

13. Menswear Makes a Chic Coverup

Beachwear for women - navy tankini, white men's shirt coverup

Looking for a cheap and easy coverup idea, Grab your man’s old white button-up shirt, slip it on, roll up the sleeves, and turn up the collar. Voila! A sexy way to stay safe from the sun.


14. A Cute Hat is a Must

black twist front swimsuit with sheer panel, striped coverup

At the beach, it’s all about attitude, and a part of that includes choosing a beach hat with personality! Go for an oversize straw beach hat, a sporty bucket hat, or a chic straw Fedora. Express yourself!


15. A Ruched Swimsuit has Magic Powers


Beachwear for Women - orange ruched swimsuit, white maxi coverup

When a swimsuit drapes and gathers in certain spots, the effect is called ruching. Ruching helps soften and hide a problem area, which is why swimsuits with ruching across the tummy are in high demand. It camouflages those pesky trouble spots perfectly.


16. Look Elegant in a One Shoulder


Beachwearfor women- black and purple one shoulder swimsuit

A great way to look alluring without letting it all hang out is a one-shoulder swimsuit. Not only do one-shoulder swimsuits look elegant, but they are pretty comfy too.

17. Zip it to Look Youthful

Beachwear for women - blue ruched, zippered swimsuit

Wouldn’t it be great to lose a few years? Swimsuit with zippers spell sporty, and in case you didn’t know it, sporty is youthful!


18. Nautical is always Nice

Beachwear clothes - Navy nautical swimsuit, white crochet coverup

When it doubt, you’ll always look ship-shape in a nautical-inspired beachwear outfit. You can’t go wrong with navy and white, a softer but just as slimming alternative to black.

19. Lace-Up to Look Lovely

Beachwear for women - Black lace-up tropical print swimsuit

Tie on one at the beach in a lovely lace-up swimsuit. This style of swimsuit is hot right now, and an excellent way to show some cleavage without revealing all.


20. A Cute Straw Bag


A cheery swimsuit and a cute straw bag are all you need to look like a beachside babe. Leave the heavy purses at home and go for a natural tote like this with some playful detail like pompoms.



21. Get Dramatic at the Beach


If your goal is sunning instead of swimming, then why not get a little dramatic in a gorgeous statement swimsuit like this one with the stunning portrait neckline? This sexy black number is slimming and oh, so chic.

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