Options to add motorcycle gel seats to your bike

Riding a motorcycle for long periods of time is usually not that comfortable unless you have been given a custom seat or pad to make the bike more comfortable. Depending on how much money you have available, you can either order a custom motorcycle gel seat or get a gel seat pad to put on top of the seat you already have.

The most cost-effective option to improve the comfort of your bike is to add a gel cover. AMC makes Comfort Max Gel Pads that range in price from $70 to $125 depending on the size and cover material you choose. If you choose a waterproof neoprene cover, your gel seat cover will cost $20 less than if you choose a silver, tan, or black sheepskin cover. Five sizes are available: Buddy (7″ wide x 11″ long), Medium (12″ x 12″), Large (14″ x 11″), Jumbo (16″ x 12″) and Ortho-Deluxe (18″ wide by 17″ long by 8″ wide at front).

For around $250 you can get the Custom Gel Leather Seat, Pillow – C90T from Suzuki Genuine Accessories for Suzuki Boulevard motorcycles. This motorcycle gel seat balances the pressure of your body weight. It has a SaddleGel and foam interior and a leather/vinyl outer shell. Another option for riders of this type of motorcycle (as well as the (Intruder) is the Suzuki Genuine Accessory Gel Seat – Two Piece – Intruder LC. This option has gel inserts in both motorcycle seats to allow both riders to be comfortable.

The Kawasaki Fire and Steel Gel Seat (Studded) – Vulcan 900 Classic/LT works for Kawasaki Vulcan bikes and costs around $265. With this maintenance-free motorcycle gel seat with leatherette cover, you have the choice of smooth or flamed stitching.

Mustang makes motorcycle gel seats for Harley Davidson touring bikes called the One-Piece Sport Touring Seat for Road King (with or without rivets). The cleated version costs about $419 and is 15.5 inches wide in the front and 11 inches wide in the rear. If you want a backrest there is an opening in the seat where you can attach one.

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