Joining Dirt Motor Bike Clubs in New Zealand

When you buy a dirt motorcycle, there are many different ways you can enjoy riding it. You can ride solo if you just want to get out and ride, but if you’d rather make friends or ride with other bike lovers, you can join a dirt bike club, which gives you the chance to get involved in activities and events you’ll also get Access to special tracks and properties that you would otherwise not be able to drive. If you’re considering joining a club, you need to make sure you check things out before paying for a membership.

Every dirt motorcycle club usually has a membership fee. You should look at the fee to join and what you get for the money to make the best decision. Look at operating expenses, services, and other benefits you receive to determine which club offers you the best possible membership. It also helps if you talk to existing members and find out if it’s worth the investment. See what the group is doing and how you can get involved before you sign up.

There are many different options for dirt motorcycle clubs in New Zealand no matter what you are looking for. You can join one of more than 20 regional and city clubs and organizations, depending on where you live or what type of club you are looking for. In New Zealand you will find the following clubs to choose from:

– BOPMCC – Bay of Plenty

– Bushriders MC, Manawatu

– Christchurch Offroad MC

– Classic Scrambles Club, Auckland

– Gisborne Motorcycle Sports Club

– GCMX – Gold Coast Motocross Club, Wellington

– Gore and District MC

– Hawkes Bay MC

– Horowhenua MC

— Ixion MC, Christchurch

– KMMC – Kapi Mana Motorcycle Club, Wellington

– MOMMC – Manawatu – Orion Motorcycle Club

-Marlborough MC

-Martinborough MC

– District MC Mosgiel

– Nelson MC

– North King Country MC

– Rotorua MC

– Rusty Nuts MC

– SWMCC – South Waikato

– The MC hill

– TTBRC – Tarawera Trail Bike Riders Club

-TMCC Taupo

– Waitemata MC

– Westland MC

All of these dirt bike and motorcycle clubs have different offerings for people from different walks of life. Whether you are looking for race clubs, meetings, off-road clubs or any other type of dirt motorcycle association, you should have no trouble finding one in New Zealand.

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