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Hi Everyone! How is your at social distancing, at-home style going? Today, I have a really cute, comfy outfit that’s perfect for around the house and festive for Easter too. Check out my cozy, new tunic sweatshirt.Women's tunic sweatshirt -  Deborah Boland - Fashion Blogger

First of all, just in case you think I’m out and about, I’m not.  All these photos were taken in my backyard. Did you know I live in Ontario, Canada, on the shores of Lake Ontario? I’m fortunate to have such a beautiful view every day!

Ladies tunic sweatshirts Deborah Boland - Fashion Blogger

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This is my cute, new tunic sweatshirt, and if it looks familiar, it’s because this is the second one like this that I’ve bought. Remember the leopard print sweatshirt from the other day?

Both sweatshirts are from the Nordstrom house brand Halogen. Nordstrom has some fantastic, stylish, well-priced house brands you can read all about in yesterday’s post.


Tunic style sweatshirts Deborah Boland - Fashion Blogger

I’m not one to buy a lot of sweatshirts, but I really got hooked on the comfort and the style of this one. it’s a tunic sweatshirt, so it’s longer than a regular sweatshirt, and it has those sporty side slits which give it a much more modern look. I’ve styled it with skinny white jeans and these darling high top suede sneakers.

Skinny jeans or leggings are the only way to go with a long, loose tunic top like this. A long, loose top over narrow leg pants gives you a slimming, sporty look.

Tunic length sweatshirt

As for the color, it’s spectacular, isn’t it? This turquoise shade really sealed the deal for me. It’s just so fresh and summery, and look how perfectly it works with my new Kendra Scott pendant and bracelet that I’ve been wearing a lot lately.

kendra scott rope bracelet

A little jewelry goes a long way to dress up your basic sweatshirt!

Tunic sweatshirt white jeans

This is a cozy sweatshirt to cuddle up in during the Coronavirus lock-down. My sneakers are the prettiest suede color, and they’re hightops with a thick sole, which is very trendy right now. Just a tip: go half a size up if you get these. I did, and I so glad.

Tunic sweatshirt white jeans Deborah Boland

This outfit is easy and relaxed, comfy, and sporty-chic all rolled into one!

Women's tunic sweatshirt Blue sneakers Deborah Boland

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If you want to shop my outfit,  I’ve included the links above. Great news! The top and shoes are both on sale, so make sure to grab them while they last. Stay well; stay safe!

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