How to Style a Beach Maxi Dress –

Whether you’re off to the beach on vacation or entertaining at home by the pool, a beach maxi dress is a great look.  Here’s how to style a beach maxi dress to give it a fresh, summer vibe.

1. Add Straw Bag

Beach Maxi Dresses - Cream Floral

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There are lots of beach maxi dresses that are already cute to start, but add some beachy accessories, and your style score goes up x10.  Here’s what I mean.

This pretty maxi beach dress with the dainty spaghetti straps,  ruffled hem, and feminine front slit is soft and summery. A heavy leather bag would weigh it down.

But pair it with a straw tote, and you instantly get a stylish seaside feel.  This darling black and white tote with the playful round handle and fun tassels looks light and airy even in black and has a cute, whimsical feel.

If you can’t find a straw bag, go for rattan, rope, or even crochet to enhance the vacation vibe.


2.  Include Shell Accents

Beach Maxi Dress - 3:4 sleeve Floral

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If you’re styling a beach maxi dress, a natural choice for jewelry is anything that includes shells, glass, or beach stones. This outfit is a great example. Start with a pretty boho maxi in a colorful tropical floral print. I like this one because of the romantic peasant sleeves and the beautiful tie front.

Then, add these some natural earrings like these gorgeous gilded-edge shells framed by twisted hoops. These statement-making earrings work because they have an arts and crafts feel which fits right into a breezy beach look. Be sure to wear dangly earrings or hoops to match this carefree boho look. Studs are too uptight.


3.  Slip On Strappy Sandals

Beach Maxi Dresses - Geometric

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Wondering what kind of shoes to wear with a beachy maxi dress? The answer is easy. Anything strappy is summery and sexy.  Wedges are an obvious choice at the beach because they are comfy, practical, and easy to walk in when you want some height. Again, you are after a natural look and feel, so wear rope, straw, wood, cork, or braided wedges to nail the beach vibe.

This bright, twist front beach maxi is one of my favorites. I love the exotic print and the explosion of color. The black rope wedges look like they’re made for it!


4. Wear Anything Beaded

Beach Maxi Dresses - Striped Midi

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Another great way to enhance the beachy vibe of a summer maxi dress (or in the case above a midi dress), is to wear anything beaded.  Colorful, rustic beads have a native look and feel that complement a beachy summer look.

I love the way this breezy striped linen slip dress comes to life when you add swingy beaded tassel earrings. It makes it look like a fun summer ahead!

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