How much is my Crotch Rocket motorcycle worth?

If you are thinking of selling your used step rocket, sport bike or motorcycle there are a few things to think about. You want to set the right price so it sells fast enough, but not too low or too cheap that you end up giving it away. So you want to know everything you can to determine the right price when you put it up for sale.

First of all, most people overcharge their step rockets. There are exceptions though and you can usually spot this quickly by looking at other used step rockets for sale as they are obviously under-priced when you know they are the right price range.

You don’t want to price your step rocket too low and later find out that you had a lot of buyers and sold it too quickly. This is a sure sign that you have underpriced it. If you get a great response after putting your step rocket up for sale, you may want to reconsider and raise the price before you sell it. You can change the price at any time if you have not agreed to the sale. And it can be worth changing the price of your ad quickly.

When pricing your step rocket, sport bike, or motorcycle, make sure you leave some room for negotiation. So make sure you add a few bucks for what you think is a fair profit to give you room to negotiate.

To determine a good or realistic price for your step rocket, you need to know the age of the bike (the year it was built), the make (e.g. Yamaha, Kawasaki Ninja, Suzuki, BMW) and model, as well as the condition and where it is located located. You will need to look up the current prices in the two price guides for motorcycles. These are the Kelley Blue Book and the National Automobile Dealer’s Association Guide called NADA. Both of these guides list motorcycle prices, although this is not widely known.

The prices listed in these guides are usually the lowest price you would pay because when people use these guides they add more money to make a profit. It is therefore important to look up the current values ​​in these guides. Your local public library has these guides available so you can quickly go to the library and look them up. Make sure you know what year, make and model you have or double check if you are buying.

Placing your ad on Craigslist for free is one of the fastest ways to sell your step rocket. With the research you will know how much your used step rocket, sports bike or motorcycle is worth and should be able to sell it at the best price and make a good profit quickly. There is a great demand for used step rockets and many people buy them to become familiar with them before investing in a new sports bike where damage or repairs may not come cheap. Do your research first and you will be rewarded.

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