Helmets, Riding Gear, Motorcycles – How To Choose The Right Gear For Your Ride!

Congratulations on being a rider! Welcome to the family! We are a close family! Now it’s time to gear up so you can enjoy the ride and be safe. I’m going to share with you what you need to know to ride in style, stay safe and feel comfortable in any weather, riding condition and riding style!


You must wear a helmet! This is the most important item you must buy! Helmets come in many forms. What kind of rider are you? What can your bike do? These are the questions we answer to get you the perfect helmet!

If you own a Cruiser, Harley, Suzuki, Honda, etc. and enjoy cruising the backcountry roads or taking long car rides, there are many helmets to choose from.

You want a helmet with low wind resistance that fits your head and is comfortable. In general, these types of helmets are half-shell helmets! This helmet only covers the top of your head. Your ears are uncovered and you can experience all the exterior elements of your ride! It’s good!

If you’re one of those riders who pulls a wheelie at a hundred miles an hour, you should go for a little more protection! A full face helmet is a must. I will protect your whole head! The face of the helmets is designed to absorb shock to protect your face! It also protects your ears from the biting wind! Other types of riding gear include leather vests, chaps, jackets, or armored riding gear.

Leather is great protection and is great for cool weather! Armored riding gear is usually made of a durable material other than leather and allows the vest to breathe. This is better for hot driving conditions. Whatever you drive for. Choose the right gear! You will enjoy the ride much more!


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