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I love wearing cute summer sundresses, but I find a lot of them are pretty short. That’s o.k. when I’m on vacation, or I’m in the mood to throw on some self-tanner, but other times I’d rather just be more covered up.  So what’s the solution?

Midi Shirtdresses!  Not only are they trending, but they’re a huge hit with gals our age.  Here’s a look at three of my favorites, and why they’re the perfect new sundress.

1.  Striped Midi Shirtdress

Midi Shirtdresses - Striped Tie

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Go online, and you will see 1,001 versions of the classic pinstripe shirtdress. Shirtdresses always look fresh and crisp, but this ladylike midi length makes this shirtdress look sophisticated too.

I also love the classy smock style, which has a chic, fashion-forward feel. And isn’t it refreshing to see a sundress with sleeves because they can also be hard to find.  These three-quarter length puff sleeves look modern and are a great way to camouflage arm jiggle.


2. Cheery Orange Midi Shirtdress

Midi Shirtdresses - Orange

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Here’s a cheery-looking midi in a gorgeous shade that screams summer. Orange isn’t a color we wear all year usually, so it’s nice to be able to break out the orange when the weather gets hot. This beautifully tailored midi shirtdress has a classic shirt collar that frames your face.

The length is perfect.  Too long and it can look dowdy, too short, and it can look junior. This hits the perfect spot, and it comes in a gorgeous shade of blue, too.



Midi Shirt Dresses - Pattern

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Comfort is key with any kind of dress, which is one of the reasons I like this cute, stretch cotton midi shirtdress. It also has a lovely, earthy print that works well with all your summer naturals like rope sandals and a breezy woven bag.

Add some tropical leaf earrings, and you have a fabulous summer look.

More Midi Shirtdresses here!

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