BMW S 1000 RR Reviews – The New BMW S 1000 RR 2023

What defines a superbike?

BMW S 1000 RR A superbike is all about reaching for the best in terms of lightness, handling, performance, precision, top speed, and lap time. BMW S 1000 RR, The first model update is the next big step and features many changes: at the engine, fairings, TFT display and a handful of innovative new features, and a lot of development in our highly sophisticated wind tunnel which results in significant aerodynamic optimizations.

Directly from racing for even more performance and power. But, before we go into further details, let’s watch the RR where it belongs: on the racetrack. So now let’s go into details. For this, I would like to welcome Matthias Kottmann.

I’m a motorcycle designer for BMW S 1000 RR, Motorrad and I had the pleasure to design the latest version of the RR.I know you’re curious, let’s talk facts! Starting with the most obvious change: the new RR now features the integration of Winglets derived directly from racing.
The formal integration of the Winglets into the side fairing is certainly a design feature as is the aerodynamic improvement of the RR.

A downforce of 7.6 kg at 200 kilometers per hour (17.6 lbs at 124 miles per hour),11.9 kg at 250 (26 lbs at 155 miles per hour), and 17.6 kg at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour (38.8 lbs at 186 miles per hour).

This enables the rider to go harder on the throttle without lifting the front tire too high off the ground and also results in more cornering stability — ultimately a big advantage on straights as well as in corners.

The rear is also completely redesigned. The rear variants, Monoposto and the one with a pillion rider seat, differ strongly from what one knows otherwise since we developed a holistic closed rear pillion cover in order to really speak of a Monoposto. Another highlight here is definitely the integration of a universal mount for different types of action cameras, meaning you can record yourself on the track easier and safer than ever before. A newly designed, and also shorter license plate holder, also helps to clean up the look and to reduce the visible weight in the rear.

New BMW S 1000 RR, The new M Carbon Wheels, with M pinstripe lining available as standard, are now instantly recognizable. Less obvious to the eye, but definitely another significant change to the front: a new air box, further optimizes airflow and allows the new RR to generate three extra horsepower in comparison to the previous model. Meaning it now produces a total of 210* horsepower at 11,000 RPMs (*205 in the USA).

However, more horsepower means you also need more stopping power. Said and done with the new M Brakes which were also developed in conjunction with the racing team and now come standard on the RR. Available in two colors: blue for the M package, or black, both with lasered badges. Furthermore, the addition of the high windscreen as standard also results in less drag, protecting the rider from the elements and making the bike ready for track right from the factory.

The innovative 6.5-inch TFT display will now always start on the last screen used on the previous ride. If it comes up to a change of gear, the whole rev counter starts to flash. In the Pro mode, the factory settings are now displayed.

New BMW S 1000 RR, The new Race Pro mode now supports 100% Connectivity and is also new in the Race Pro: The rider may now also select the road damping setup for the DDC. Now as standard: the M lightweight battery, which saves 2 kg (4.4 lbs). And coming to the chassis: the clever M Chassis Kit now also comes as standard. For the first time in serial motorcycle production, BMW Motorrad brings a steering
angle sensor.

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