A look back at the Suzuki GT500

There have been many motorcycle manufacturers who have attempted to fit a large displacement two-stroke engine to their motorcycle without success. This was until the Suzuki GT500 showed up and took advantage of the Suzuki GT500 situation. The Suzuki GT500 offers bikers the first two-stroke engine that requires very little maintenance and offers oil injection directly into the crankcases. The GT500 offers innovations unheard of when it was launched in 1976.

The GT500 was known as a “short-lived” model as it was only presented in large numbers in the United States. This bike actually blew away the competition that even the 500cc and 650cc bikes couldn’t match. Shortly after the Suzuki GT500 was released, the Cobra was the new GT500, bringing significant changes from its previous predecessor. Little publicity was needed for the Cobra to make an impact in the marketplace. That was the so-called “future model”.

The most useful mechanical innovation on the Cobra was the swingarm, which was expanded nearly five inches compared to the previously released Suzuki GT500. This change gave riders a lot more control when cycling and contributed to Suzuki’s reputation. Many riders also agree that the longer seat fitted to the Cobra provides a much more comfortable experience when touring through the countryside. The second generation Suzuki GT500 also offered more space for a saddlebag, panniers or even a mounting rack.

The GT500 featured a 492cc, two-stroke, air-cooled, leaning engine that allowed the bike to easily achieve 46 horsepower. The length of the bike (2,195mm) made for an overall better experience when transporting groceries or even giving a friend a ride. In 1968, the Suzuki GT500 was the next sensation for the entire motorcycle community. Today’s standards are not even comparable, especially when it comes to the braking system.

The public took this bike by storm and loved every aspect of it, from the watermelon-shaped fuel tank to the traditional seat. With the Suzuki Cobra, almost every aspect of the design has been changed for the better. About a year later, Suzuki halted production of the Cobra to bring a newer model to the table, the Titan. Although a remake of the original GT500 has had almost eight remakes.

The Suzuki GT500 is a classic motorcycle that offers a five-speed gearbox and a chain drive. The tank capacity is initially quite large and holds a full 17 liters. The bike was actually heavier than many at 195kg. This classic bike is reliable and largely maintenance-free. Riding this rare bike will have you begging for more and possibly even thinking of asking your friend “how much for the GT500.” Which might not go as well as you had hoped. The Suzuki GT500 is unique with an excellent build that allows you to take the bike a step further.

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