5 Ways To Look Slim in a Swimsuit

Finding a slimming swimsuit that flatters your figure and makes you feel confident can be a daunting task, which is why so many of us put off updating our swimsuits for so long (me included!)

But what happens when you’re suddenly invited to a friend’s pool or cottage, and all you have to wear is that boring, shapeless old bathing suit you’ve had for years.  It makes you feel pretty fat and frumpy, doesn’t it?

If you’re on the hunt for a new slimming swimsuit, here are 5 things to think about.


Swimsuits - Black V Neck Black Cover up

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1.  Choose a Swimsuit with a Plunging Neckline

When you want to distract from your bottom half, all you need to do is emphasize your top half. A sexy plunging neckline will focus all eyes on your bust and face. Look for swimsuits with a brighter top half and darker bottom half, or that have some kind of eye-catching detail up top like colorful contrast banding, sheer netting, or a lace-up neckline.

A swimsuit with great bra support is very important here. You want “the girls” looking perky, not pooped out.

2.  Take Advantage of Draping, Ruching and Crisscross Designs

Some women naturally gravitate towards bathing suits that wrap, drape, and have ruching, for a good reason. They’ve discovered that soft folds of fabric across the bust, midriff, hips makes the best type of slimming swimsuits. 

You would think folds of fabric would make you look heavier, but quite the contrary. Ruching is slimming because the textured layer of fabric, hides lumps and bumps.  Ruching, combined with a wrap panel in the front of the swimsuit holds you in and works like magic to slim and tone.

Swimsuits - Blue Strapless

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3.  Wear Prints and Patterns to Distract

If you’re not feeling too great about prancing around in a bathing suit, then one way to feel more confident is by wearing a print swimsuit. Wearing a print keeps the eye moving around looking for a place to rest the eye, which in turn helps to camouflage any lumps and bumps.

This La Blanca Sketched Leaves Bandeau One-Piece is a great example of that. No matter what your figure, you are going to see some pretty fabulous curves because of this print!


4.  Get the Right Size

When you go to buy a swimsuit, it’s really important to put your vanity aside and forget about the size tag. Bathing suits, like this, Let loose Halter Tankini Top and Bikini Bottoms. that have a stretchy nature hug your curves, so if a bathing suit fits too snug, it can squeeze your flabby bits and make you look heavier than you are.

Going up one size is always an easy fix. No one will notice, and you’ll avoid looking stuffed into your bathing suit.

Swimsuits - Tie Dye Tankini

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5.  Drop Pounds by Going Dark

Color and the placement of color can make you look slim. Dark colors minimize the area they cover, his while light and bright colors draw attention. By using color strategically, you can magically shrink the parts of your body that are a little more “obvious.”

For example, with the swimsuit above the black recedes and shrinks the body, while the smaller bits of bright colors are left to stand out.

Finally, be brave. Send me a photo in your swimsuit, and I will post it! I’m showing one-piece suits because they are very popular, but there is no reason you can’t wear a bikini over 40! Plus size? Plus size swimsuits here.

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