250cc X31 Gio pit bike review

Would you like to enter the realm of pit bikes? Are you on a budget? You’ve come to the right place because Gio Bikes, a Canada-based company, has some great deals on pit bikes. While China continues to build mostly worthless pieces of junk, Gio Bikes has been making and selling off-road pit bikes.

A 250cc pit bike is the perfect learning bike for a larger child or adult as it has a high enough seat height and enough power for a taller rider. Gio Bikes has a few different 250cc bikes, but the 2010 X31 (19″/16″) is their most popular 250cc pit bike. You might think, “This is just another cheap dirt bike” because it’s not as well known as Honda or Kawasaki. Think again because these pit bikes are made in Canada with higher quality parts than Chinese copycat bikes.


The engine in the 2010 X31 is an air-cooled 250cc four-stroke engine. It has decent torque but pulls well in the mid-to-top range. It comes with a powerful Mikuni carburetor that is used on the best branded motocross bikes. This bike has enough power for everyone to have fun. It can hold its own on the trails and has enough power when you’re messing around with your friends. It also comes with a high-flow exhaust system that performs well and sounds great.


The engine is surrounded by a lightweight aluminum frame. It’s the style that the big motocross bikes use. The CAD designed frame is made to be abused by adult riders and weekend warriors. It’s much stronger than a Chinese pit bike and light enough for a child riding it to put it down in the corners without tipping over.


Are you a younger and smaller rider who likes to ramp up the trails? A woman who wants a good bike to follow the family? Or are you a bigger guy who enjoys farting around on a pit bike and showing off to your friends? If you’re one of them or somewhere in between, this 250cc pit bike’s suspension can adjust to suit your riding style. Both the shock and forks have fully adjustable Japanese-quality suspension (much better than China). The forks on the 2010 X31 are inverted Fast Ace shocks with excellent damping. They probably aren’t strong enough for motocross or big jumps, but they’ll get the job done if you stay close to the ground. For the rear, it has a Showa air cell shock absorber. Showa shocks are used on Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and other big brand motorcycles and dirt bikes, so you know they’re top-notch. Not all pit bikes come with fully adjustable suspension, let alone adjustable suspension. So that’s a big advantage of this 250cc Giovanni pit bike.

build quality

Almost every part on this pit bike is made of high quality material. This means fewer sudden failures, unlike Chinese imitators. When you look at this bike, you realize that the parts don’t come cheap. You will be able to ride Gio Bikes 250cc bike for hours provided that you maintain it regularly like any other dirt bike. I would definitely recommend Gio Pitbikes as an alternative to Chinese bikes because of their quality parts.


The X31 has a lot going for it, but the main features apart from the engine and suspension are the brakes, controls and other body parts. Both wheels are stronger than in previous years of this bike, assuring you that they will stand up to the abuse of adult riders. There are hydraulic disc brakes on the wheels to give you motocross bike-like stopping power. The triple clamps are made of high-quality alloy, which makes the control smoother and more comfortable. Also, you can get the bike in four different colors!

Final Thoughts

This 250cc pit bike’s anodized motocross-style features, Japanese-quality parts and sleek look make it a pleasure to ride. Electric start allows anyone who can get their butt in the seat to drive. If you’re looking for a cheap, durable bike that has enough power and suspension to shred the trails and cornfields, look no further. Gio Bikes has auctions where you can get these bikes dirt cheap (pun intended). If you don’t want to wait for an auction to end, you can simply pay for a bike and it will be sent to you immediately. If you want to upgrade or swap out a few parts, Gio Bikes stock many aftermarket and replacement parts to match your pit bike. As long as you take care of this bike, it will take care of you. Have fun and rip it open!

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