2 Ways to Look Lovely in the Color Linen

I had a reader ask, “Are linen pants are in style in 2020?” and my answer is a resounding, YES!  Not only are they right on trend, but there are some really cute and playful versions that I can’t wait to show you. Here are three classic linen pants with a modern twist.

Animal Print Linen Pants

Linen Pants - Leopard

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Linen pants have always been a favorite in spring and summer (and especially now since we are all at home) because they are relaxed, lightweight, and comfy. This spring, they have taken on a more playful persona. Just take a look at these leopard print linen pants!

Most times, we see linen in solid colors, but I’m loving the cool vibe of these relaxed, waist tie pants in this cute linen animal print. This print makes laid back linen just a touch more fun, and don’t we love that!

When you have pants in a busy print, be they linen or any other fabric, it’s best to keep the rest of your outfit neutral. This cute white henley lets the pants shine. It’s got a nice, slim fit, so you can tuck it into your pants and show off the pant’s cute waist tie bow.

Linen pants are super casual, so a pair of flat sandals and a quality leather bag are all you need to make this outfit look fabulous.


Cropped Linen Pants

Linen Pants - Stripes

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Cropped wide-leg pants started slow. No one was really sure how to wear them and worried they would make them look short and frumpy. But we’ve learned a few style lessons over the last few season,s and they are not so scary anymore! Cropped wide-leg pants in denim, cotton, and linen are hotter than ever this summer.

If you are just now easing into the cropped wide-leg pant trend, these striped linen blend pants are a great place to start. Vertical stripes are always slimming, and since linen pants are so easy going,  there’s no worry about making a fashion faux pas.

Just add a top of your choice and some casual flats, a cute bag, and a touch of jewelry, and you’ll look summer-ready and on-trend.


Flared Linen Pants

Linen Pants - White


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Linen is loose and relaxed, which makes it the perfect fabric to fashion into a pair of wide-leg sailor pants. These darling off-white linen pants with the oversize patch pockets make a fun fashion statement that has a bit of a nautical vibe.

Team these up with a breezy print top, a straw bag, and your favorite rope wedge sandals (so the hems don’t drag on the floor), and you have a darling warm-weather look with a “ship ahoy” theme.

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Here are some more cute, modern linen pants you can buy in stores right now!

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