10 Quad Biking Facts You Didn’t Know

Have you already ridden a quad? If so, you know what an exhilarating experience it is to explore hidden trails on this sturdy dirt bike. You don’t need much experience, but you still have the satisfaction of reaching remote places in no time. Even if you are an experienced quad driver, here are some facts you may not have known.

1. In 1893 the first powered quadricycle was built and sold by Royal Enfield, a British bicycle company. It resembled an ATV in the form of a horseless carriage intended for road transport.

2. In the 1970s, Honda began producing trikes and quads patterned on their bikes.

3. Suzuki is recognized as a leader in the advancement of ATVs or quads and in 1982 the first ATV (QuadRunner LT125) was sold as an entry-level recreational vehicle.

4. The first ATVs were really different from the modern quads we have today. Some of them originally came with 6 wheels. They were so bare that these vehicles didn’t have taillights until 1998, when they were required to have them. It wasn’t until the HONDA Rubicon went into production that ATVs were equipped with GPRS.

5. Honda’s FourTrax TRX350 4X4 ATV introduction in 1986 paved the way for the four-wheel drive ATVs popular today.

6. When the 90’s came around people discovered that ATVs had the potential to be helpful and powerful work vehicles and since then they have been seen frequently on farms. Eventually, golf carts and airport baggage tugs were designed after the four-wheel bicycle pattern with modified specifications for a specific purpose.

7. Quads are divided into three categories: street legal, off-road and utility. Street legal are those that have to be registered and can of course be driven on public roads with a driver’s license. Off-road quads are used for recreation, farms and other off-road activities. Utilities are used both for the road and for work.

8. Australian Matt Coulter made world record history by jumping the longest distance on a quad. The date was April 17, 2000 when he jumped over 14 Honda CRV cars a distance of 134 feet.

9. Jon Geutter of Minnesota was the first person to successfully perform a backflip on a four-wheel bicycle.

10. Parking and maneuvering is easier on a quad at slow speeds. The rear wheels of the vehicle actually move in the opposite direction to the front wheels.

You’ve now tasted some interesting facts about this vehicle; Now it’s time to experience the true thrill of quad biking. Years of innovation and improvement of these wonderful bikes have resulted in a very popular action-adventure sport.

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